The Awakening of the First Man - The Book.


                           THE AWAKENING OF THE FIRST MAN.     

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         The Awakening of the First Man, the book of our exhibition, though compacted in parts, does not lose its link with the work in its original form.

         A legion of people around the world knows perfectly well that it is not simple to faithfully translate languages ​​into a specific language.
Some of them then are much more complex than others. Based on this I apologize to the readers of the English language for finding in our exhibitions, texts, paragraphs and even a whole chapter, somewhat confused as to their understandings, because we use in our works simply an Online translator, since we cannot afford to pay a professional trained to assist us in this task.
Grateful for everyone understands.
                                          Jaime D’Aquino.

                                     The Awakening of the First Man.

         Neckvizs, the main character of our story, "The Awakening of the First Man", in certain circumstances is "real" and in others, simulated.
In the succession of arguments presented in it, in the course of certain segments, it represents subtle subterfuge ahead of other characters, as well as during judicious narrations. This skillful resource will serve to expose to free thinkers, different considerations about common aspects of life. Among them are social phenomena, the sciences of men, religions, concepts about real and illusory, the poetic vision of nature, as well as long series of diverse and important reasons presented for the general reflections on the Universes in which we live; the understood as Cosmos and our interior, although in the restricted human understandings on them. To these themes is interwoven an inspiring and surreal novel.
Among them is also the fact that we are aware of the numerous questions that have challenged our intellect since we have existed, and one of the most crucial is the absence of perception about ourselves; what we are and what role we play in the context of everything that exists.
We humans, without exception, carry in our minds, great power of imagination and creativity, these attributes, however, do not know if they are part of involuntary processes or if we conquer them through the existences traveled as intelligent beings, because to arrive at a definite conclusion on the question we need to make use of reason, thought and consciousness and these three terms, in essence, is still unknown to us.
We fail very much, due to the intimate nature that is peculiar to us, in the discernment of what progress is, evolving.
Suppose we actually have the power to predict. Based on it, we can intuit that intellectual dedication, without morality at adequate levels, ends, at some time, by being harmful, mainly in the perpetuation, not only of the human species, but of all life in our habitat.
If we admit of the coarser animal being, the smarter man, as a community of animal beings, we can also admit, colossal responsibilities of the latter over all his predecessors.
Thus, how immense are ours, particularly before ourselves and other fundamental elements of our existence. We should worship egos less and hear more the voice that calls our attention to the interdependence of everything, and that only "nature" has the sense to withdraw or add what may be necessary.
If there is a scale of developments, from the most primitive to the full, it would not be difficult to assess the narrow space in which we stand. It is remarkable our poverty in perceiving and evaluating the real outer and inner faces of things.
Based on what we observe, it is not an exceptional fact, ignorance of who we are.
At this level of external and internal values, for the most part, we have created fantasies of the universe in which we live, although these fantasies are useful in parades through their catwalks.
We intend with our history to invite you to travel with us, as free thinkers, detached as such from the frameworks of religions, sciences and a number of expressive concepts that try, in a chaotic way, to explain everything.
Note: The narrator will always be explicit with the underline or subtraction character,'_`, in bold. _Storyteller.

                                                    First part. (1st)

_Neckvizs, with his inseparable cord made with a thin strip of leather, having at its ends, fastened by two rings of steel, a red jasper stone, walks alone by the white sands of a deserted beach. The also solitary but imposing Sun slides gently toward the horizon, sprinkling before his farewell, gleams of golden lights reflected in the sparse and white clouds that surround him, in the calm waves of the sea and in all the spaces closer to the majesty of his glow He stops in his footsteps and contemplates him as an ingrained spectator, asking himself what leads to that magnificent star to always donate all forms of vital energies to Life to the world where he is.
Wrapped in his cogitations, he does not realize that the night was present, bringing with it, though far away, not only a sun, but an infinite number of them.
He is a man who, although he has traveled through many countries, passing through thousands of people, and who has had contact with many of them, does not imagine that one of them has always followed his steps, guiding and protecting him from remote ages. Without noticing his presence and his care for him, he feels beyond himself, a prisoner of himself.
Restless, he is overcome by the frustration of not having, all his brothers on earth, the capacity to embrace the reason for the existence of things. It supposes the impossibility of at any moment obtaining the absolute comprehensiveness of everything.
If this supreme faculty were to him, by some extraordinary event, granted, he would dissipate forever his crucial interior interrogation which had tormented him since he was a boy, and thus, happy, he would have realized his dream, his reason for Life.
He understands that this is impractical and conforms. How I would like to expand your miserable knowledge far beyond human empowerment and understand this extreme question!
She sits now on the cold sands, and her eyes wander through the glittering stars that bring forth from her heart, immense sorrow for her smallness.
The consideration of such colossal splendor, since those singular bright spots are only a tiny portion of what his perception can achieve, seems to him at that moment the best option.
He set aside the cravings of his core and began to contemplate, feeling that by inhibiting his ability to think, everything he saw in the celestial vault was clothed with irresistible magnetism, as if he were sent a call so that in silence, appreciated with the eyes of his interior, the charms that only they could perceive.
For hours, he fixed himself absorbed, the flaming points of light, without the slightest anxiety and need to know what they are in fact, what roles they represent or their essences.
In his "particular condition," there could not be such a profound disconnect that at one point he took him to travel at dizzying speed that accelerated uncontrollably through various worlds and at one point was violently shaken by someone who told him,
-Neckvizs come back!
He, as if awakening from a sleep that had lasted for months, slowly regained his physical senses, feeling his body chilled.
"You must not do that," the stranger reprimanded.
"Who are you and what should I not do?"
"I do not have a name, but pick one you want and call me for it."
-How does it have no name? All men and all that is and is known have!
- Do you know what it is to exist? He was interrogated by the anonymous. "Is not that true?" He asked. "And what is reality?" In an attempt to end the conversation, he joked:
-Do not know. And you happen to know?
-Yes I know!
-You know, why do you ask me? "Put aside your questions, since they will not lead you anywhere for now." Nature as a whole fascinates you in an extraordinary way, old man who became a child again, and lost the unique opportunity of his full understanding. Now, without the slightest prospect of this understanding, because of this regression, he is deeply distressed. He was rather bewildered by the questions, but now perplexed, for his more intimate particulars seemed transparent to the stranger, in addition to the above-mentioned and unspoken statements, he replied humbly:
-Yes. I live to continue to be fascinated by her, but sad because I can not get the perception of her essence at all. "You must have registered that I know that."
"Yes, but you know how?"
"Your core is not like other human beings. You love Nature, you know it enough, yet by punishment, you have forgotten your noble attributes, conquered in a long evolutionary period, returning here as an ordinary man.
-Why do you ensure this?
"You will know the motive in a short time, for it will cease to be, at least inwardly, what it was from its birth to the present.
"What an eccentric man!" It captivates me inexplicably, thought Neckvizs.
You appeared out of nowhere suggesting what was going on with me. He says he has no name, he talks about me as if he knows me deeply, and insinuates that life is a book open to you. Am I still under the influence of what happened to me and my mind stunned, or are you truly a person and are in fact in front of me? He asked.
"I'm actually in front of you, although not a person.
"So what are you, a human unlike any other?"
-I'm not Human!
"My eyes are then seeing something that looks like a man, without being?"
"Your eyes are seeing a being in the physical form of a man, for I have no physical body.
- How not? Am I by chance delirious?
"Despite the majesty of what he experienced, as well as the potential danger to which he was exposed, he is in his normal judgment.
For man and other thinking beings, the real is illusory, since all their realities are always subordinated to something and to circumstances, for nothing that has "actual existence" in its conceptions is real in itself.
In the universes and in the understandings of the thinking beings, dispersed, both the real and the unreal are creations of their minds. There is only one Absolute Reality, since it does not depend on anything to exist, rather, Being, although its intimate nature is unattainable, for all who sleep; from the first to the last.
-You make use of a somewhat puzzling phrasing, but, please, clarify to me: not even you know what it is?
"I know, and you need to understand that:
For all Thinking Beings, below the evolutionary pinnacle, in the "infinite" degrees of development where each is situated, there are different realities, and all that they imagine to exist or not, is conditioned to that of the world, to the existential domain where they live.
When everyone is in a single world, there will be a single reality for "its occupants" and no one will ever be "confused." This represents the unconscious goal of all "Thinking Beings".

                                         Second part. (2nd) 
"Does my friend have the slightest condition that I understand what is as close as possible to the Absolute Reality?"
"That persists in your head like an obsession. Your anxiety is uncontrollable! I already told you about it, forgot?!
Be convinced of something fundamental: everything follows a Plan, traced by certain steps that can not be neglected in any way. There are no shortcuts to anything, and for once again you want to take a step far greater than your legs can reach. Do not you see your excessive arrogance to want to know what is too far from your understanding?
To explain to you the Absolute Reality, as close as this enlightenment may be to your Inner Nature, it would be imperative that you should be situated at a point where this elucidation would find a means of being encompassed in the depths of your interior.
Try to put yourself in the place of the man you are, and watch out for a rudimentary example, not unknown to you: by a visual deficiency certain individual can not perceive the color red. For people where this problem does not affect them this color exists and has reality. For the handicapped, it exists only for the information of others, not for their perception, even though the failure of their visual apparatus does not eliminate the range of the electromagnetic spectrum that gives rise to this color, but for him this color has no reality, as well as all others that depend on red. We conclude, in a primary way, that because something exists does not imply in its reality. Equally, it is no inconsistency to admit that the realities of men are processed in their minds through established parameters, and they always change to a more perfected conception.
With the least knowledge and intelligence you possess, in the present circumstances of your life, you know perfectly well that, so what would be the practical use, in these very circumstances, to go further? Everything, absolutely everything, "is before your nose"! The poor man of the example quoted basically does not see the color red, but this in the full reality of him, you, in relation to his full, is blind, deaf and dumb! If, in the shortest time you know me, you obstinately ask the same question, it is because you understand that I gather conditions in some way, to help you in your search, but be convinced that guiding does not mean interfering with the processes you need and must cross. Besides me, there are also more Beings to help you in your uncontained search.

                                                 Third part. (3rd).

         He was led by Isasky to a large door, and when she opened it he sent him in, saying good-bye.
Entering, the space before him indicated the interior of a sumptuous palace.
He was ecstatic to see monuments of unknown forms shine like gold, when light strikes them.
Gallants, tall and sturdy columns that would have envied the genius architects of ancient Greece, support a colossal dome-shaped ceiling.
They are coated, representing symbols, by very small stones identical to the diamond and other precious, of diverse colors.
Sweet female voice made him turn his attention to an entrance giving access to another enclosure.
"Good afternoon, illustrious Neckvizs!"
He had never seen anything like it in his life. The young woman, who must be the Queen of that people, stands before her.
"Which she had never seen on earth, a woman of extraordinary and exotic beauty, thought almost paralyzed by the singular sight.
_Your skin is a gentle gradation from red to golden. Her long hair, which runs down her waist, resembles very thin, divinely wavy gold threads.
Her entire being shuddered violently when she noticed that she wore a gold band on her forehead, identical to the one she had tied to her hair, as a child.
The long satin-white dress, close to the knee, from where it widens to touch the floor reveals the curves that, together with the clear blue eyes, the lips of impeccable traits, together with the graceful face of an angel woman, make it goddess of the purest feminine beauty.
It was impossible for Neckvizs to remain discreet when in greeting, his hands joined.
She is the supreme representative of a pure race, originating from this same Earth, since eight million years ago. Nothing escapes its extreme sensitivity, which has evolved to the same degree as the physical bodies of men and women belonging to a civilization which to this day is the subject of much speculation.
"Come Neckvizs, sit next to me."
You, until now, had never had the slightest reaction of the beautiful, sensual or affective to any woman.
"Try to know my feelings?"
"Not just them, in the best of terms you use to express them, but you as a whole.
"Does the time of your people's existence give you such powers?"
"More than you can imagine, however, to have knowledge of everything about you, without a single exception, is for another reason.
"May I know your name and what is this motive?"
"The reason will know step by step, because it represents a long road to go, my name is Necklia.
-Necklia?! Neckvizs asked, startled.
-Yes. Our names have the same first four letters left you very curious.
- Not to leave?!
"You have been very upset about recent events, shortly after having known the Being that you" baptized "him of Isasky.
"Do you know Isasky?"
"He has been known to my people for many millions of years.
-Many million years?!
"Exactly, but He is not old.
"Are you trying to tell me that He's eternal?"
-Yes. Understand Isasky as being, figuratively, one of the most powerful emanations of the mental power of the Light. It is presented to those whose help is imperative, often in the physical appearance of the helper himself.


                                          Fourth part. (4th).

He had arrived the night of that day, and he slept soundly, yet again, having no dreams in his sleep.
He got up early and after coffee realized that the intense desire recently aroused, to be with his friends, had been replaced by another that in his view would take away the peace he had been experiencing in living with them.
-Necklia! I can not shake the image of your divine face from my thoughts.
 This is the last thing I imagined to happen to me one day, to miss a woman! I Neckvizs, a man alien to sentimentality, who never allows me to be surrounded by anything but the search for knowledge, with the heart overwhelmed. She is the prime of female beauty, no doubt, and it scared me. His voice sounds like a song, his presence fascinates me, entwines me, why?
_ Begin the awakening of Neckvizs and in the course of it, you will find the answers.
She returned to her network, her inseparable friend. She comforts him, cradles him, witnesses his infinite thoughts, but now he welcomes him sad for the longing that sheltered his heart.


                                           Fifth part. (5th).
                          The appearance of the present men.

"Present men have" appeared "not long ago, considering the distant scale of the millions of years that have followed us, and have only had remarkable developments in their sciences lately.
They know that all animals and plants, even the newly discovered, microorganisms, are living beings, just have not reached a consensus regarding the virus.
I told you at the beginning of my expositions that the Supreme Source left ready an abundant diversification of elements, which gave the "departures" in the definitive "bodies" of the plant and animal species, as well as were the most important for our brothers' since the formation of the Earth. These elements were the first viruses.
They are the only beings with the peculiarity that no other possesses; they enclosure the "Pre-Life" itself, outside the environments propitious to it, obvious, until certain conditions, because nothing is "imperishable", conduit within them, where the Vital Force is acting, "awaken their lives." In possession of it multiply, and in view of certain conjunctures can be modified, and its extraordinary varieties, characteristics and values, within the formations of all vegetable and animal beings, were invaluable. They were the First Fruits of Life.
They represented the basic data in the organic constitutions of living beings. The genome of each species of primitive viruses, at the beginning of the experimental constructions, of what became the instruments of life in this world were the "initial program" inserted in the "raw material", the organic compounds, of what came to be the physical structure of the vegetable and the animal, by the brethren who preceded us, and shaped them according to each species, after ages of study.
As I clarified the Life in them was introduced in their "Pre-Lives" by the Individualized Vital Force that, in addition to animating them, making use of the data inside the genomes of each species of virus, were ordering and expanding them, making them increasingly complex, within the limits of each "creature", to the apex of its evolution.
These were to the formations of living beings that we evaluate as the "standards", best known to men. Life, however, has here on Earth other singular forms of manifestations, even in places considered challenging of science to understand, as their physical vehicles, microorganisms, for the most part, survive because of the unusual environments where live and perform various functions.
Returning to the "living standard beings": there is no way for the man after us to understand that they as a whole did not have a common ancestor as he imagines, "except for the same family." This is because the evidence, for them, is based on a set of factors, apparently within the logic, but excluding the fundamental; the immaterial Forces that could be called Spirit, Soul, Vital Force... The term to be used, in the attempt to define this Essence, is irrelevant, it only matters what It is in Itself.
There has never been a need for one animal or plant species to evolve to another, except for a few microorganisms, although they always remain microorganisms. What progresses continuously toward Unity is the Individualized Life Force. This Individualized Force, for lack of a suitable term, begins to flourish from the most primitive to the most evolved, and continues indefinitely its steps towards the "infinite."
"As for the actual men, they actually appeared thirteen thousand years ago, through our science.
We were signaled, at the time narrated, the propitious moment to "form" the first couple of them, from a primate with the greatest "technological compatibility", of which men today are their artificial descendants.
With the excellence of our scientific advances, it took only six years to "create", preliminarily, the present man in three races: the white and the black, with similar outlines of the eyes and the brunette, with the eyes drawn, which the Indians from here and some peoples of other present continents, introducing suitable implements in the selected species.
They were carried out in three stages: in the first, the longest and most fundamental, which lasted for four years, the reformulation in some parts of the physical-chemical structures of the functional universe in the brain of what came to be, the preman.
After the other two stages, he, the pre-man, was in full condition to become the primitive man, through artificial crosses with our race.
Hence, the newly created man continued to be a man, and the primate species that served as its appearance, continued to be what it once was. "The new man," however, had many physical and behavioral similarities with "the animal that gave birth to him," similarities that have disappeared almost completely over time.
The men created by us and their descendants, though in a different way from our race, were subjected, as it were, to evolutionary processes, being of relative accelerations, due to the periodic artificial inseminations in large groups of women, with semen of men of our race, since the compatibility was total. It was the last and highest animal species and, in exceptional conditions, to appear on Earth.
Necessary if he had his reproductions controlled for a certain time, since his physical and mental progress, at first, were slow, and followed very closely by our scientists. Finally, twelve thousand five hundred years ago, the man of far superior intelligence was biologically formed.
They, from their formations knew us and we were their gods.
When their offspring reached a large number of individuals, we sent most of them, in large groups, to inhabit all continents, and to continue to evolve in them.
In the new worlds they have inhabited, over the millennia, they have acquired, with a slight exception in color, the physical characteristics they now possess, depending on the environments of their regions and, later, on the crossings of people of different ethnicities.
As they grew demographically, our race declined rapidly, in number of individuals.
The splendid civilization that we built, until the last ten thousand years BC, was very rapidly abandoning the areas it occupied previously in the various regions of the world, and began to inhabit the American continents.


                                           Sixth part. (6th).

-Necklia, why exactly, as he said several times, does the individualized Life Force exist, suggesting besides animating and giving individuality to living beings, also need to evolve? Why and to what extent will this process persist?
"This subject has already been addressed to you, but not in a way that you can properly understand. You represent a territory that needs to be broken by itself and its incursion for it needs to be gradual, studied so that it does not lose itself in itself.
Let us return to the theme, in a more symbolic way, in an attempt to speed it up a little.
"I have been made clear to you that the Thinking Beings, at the" end of everything, "have all, without exception, attained the culminating stage of" evolution, "and you have no sense of the" distance "between this" culminating point " in relation to what the current man is.
Let us put man as an example, put individuality for analysis: he "created", having symbols as support of his realities, science, freedom, captivity, God, in his interpretations of what He can be; society, and so on, to give meaning and sustainability to their existence.
How did these creations arise in the minds of men?
Creations, no matter how absurd they may appear, arise with any animate being, and not only in men, in their conceptions, as well as evolve in the same degree of their physical bodies, and they always have their transcendental origins. In this way it is obvious that, before a living Being is "created", what animates it, as the "creations" that appeared in them, pre-existed and both are configured as the Essence of God, indefinable, since they do not exist in us, humans, means of experiencing Him, for He is prior to any experience.
These "creations," however, from the most primitive Being to Man, and even beyond it, again I insist, are symbolic, and in no way expresses the external reality in its true essence.
For example, a man stands before a red apple and prepares to eat it. It captures the image and physical constitutions of it, such as its shape, red color, texture, color of its pulp, as well as taste and odor. These, however, are the mental realities that man has created of it, and will never be the true reality of what man represents for the apple, for he has nothing created by him.
Although these realities exist, such as they are in the minds of men, they may have small differences from one to another, though contemptible to all collectively.
They are also fundamental and "truly exist for man," just as they are vital to him, within the present process that lies.
Now let's separate the men from each other. Each one has his ego or self, which is the individual's experience of himself and the world around him.
Does individuality really exist?
There is no way to clarify in simplistic terms what is not and at the same time is.
No matter how hard we try to explain, only by experiencing would it be possible to understand its Essence. Let's visualize a framework that may bring vague ideas about the issue.
At some time, in a distant future, all Living Beings and not just Men will be in a final process of evolution, but the Entes that animate them, which are Real Beings and not their wraps, or bodies.
In this time the myriads of realities will cease to exist and all will "see only one," and it will have only one meaning for all. If not even a single grain of sand is devoid of a design, what function would individuality, such as the idea made of it at this time?
Let us consider a Magnificent Ocean of crystalline and pure waters. The water molecules that compose it are identical and, nothing more than united desire, to form this Great Ocean.
Upon Him there is only the Splendid and Potentate Heaven. Their Spirits, holding hands, feel the supreme happiness of knowing that This Heaven Is God, though the Unknowable Shows Himself to all in different configurations, so that the "Eternal Paradise "Is always renewed. The Majesty contained in its Power replaces the idle vision of the unchanging Eden, by Édens reconstructed at every moment, by "all the time". This, however, went to the suggested visualization, but did the creations "creatures" simply have this "goal"?
We hope this has been another important step in your foray.


                                      Seventh part. (7th).

_After almost an hour walking stop, sit on the sands and Neckvizs comments:
-This is our beautiful world, my dear! I am sad to know that we will soon leave Earth.
"All visible and invisible celestial bodies are beautiful, not just Earth. Even in a simple asteroid rests beauties unimaginable to men. They focus on the "lenses" of their instruments of spatial observations on numerous stars, but almost nothing can perceive the realities of each observed world.
The sensory apparatuses of the bodies of men, their realities created by them, in addition to not being able to investigate in detail what is seen, the deficiencies of the materials used in their observatories, more phenomena existing between them and the observed targets, distorts , to the point of making simple conjecture, the great majority of points analyzed.
In spite of the immense limitations of men's sensory apparatus and their realities, their search for the unknown is immensely commendable and useful to their development.
Modern civilizations have, in function of an infinity of factors "created" by the sciences, resources that make the lives of the men and women that compose them, more practical, comfortable and better in almost all aspects. Unfortunately there is the other side of the coin and I do not like to remember it.
It is time to clarify details about our sensory organs which, despite having been formed with "resources", nonexistent in yours, have evolved extraordinarily more. These constant and progressive evolutions were due to several factors. Among the most important are: defenses against extremely adverse circumstances, in the most varied environments in which we live, and those that have been improved by spiritual needs.
Virtually all the material and "immaterial" energies that surround us stimulate in our brains mental images. Although they have the same size, weight and volume on average as yours, there are exceptional mechanisms in them and connected to sensors scattered throughout the body. The first and most important of them captures wide range of energies, selects them by categories and sends them to specific areas, where they are transformed into images of high resolutions. Because of this and many other peculiarities of our race, we use quadruple brain functions as secondary humans.
We perceive as you have been clarified, the images of all material elements in any state, which are interpreted with riches of particularities. We see what for you would be in impressive definitions, the figures representing heat, in the various forms for various temperatures and emitting sources of it, the same process for sound, taste, touch, clear perception of objects situated in the fullest darkness, , from all sources of energy you can imagine. Many of them are exceptionally special, such as energy fields radiated by people's bodies, we see them in different colors, and reveal their emotional states of health, including many of the minutiae that sometimes even the people themselves do not know about themselves!
One of the most interesting and immensely useful of our sciences was the singular visualizations representative of the forces of attraction and repulsion, especially those of the gravitational fields of the Earth at first, and of other Astros, much later. This gave us the conditions to create, in small areas, inversions of these gravitational forces for very varied operations, however, as it was exposed, in very restricted areas, since in a broad way, would be to transgress Cosmic Laws, which would carry us very serious responsibilities.
The evolutions of our peculiarities, in the fields of the perceptions of the energies by means of images, and something analogous to graphs, in the generic sense of the term, were progressing very slowly, since even in us, if it were sudden, it would lead to any one of the brothers dementia in no time.
You are now wondering why we have eyes, ears, noses, taste and touch sensors.
"Yes, it is indeed very curious to have them, at least as we do, because of the prodigious perceptual devices of which they are endowed.
"There was some reason for Neckvizs to be" created, "not absurdly so dissimilar in the physical forms of the animals that" gave birth to them "at the time when this happened, and now, after the great evolutions of you, in all aspects, we are practically identical in appearance.
Our understanding of this, apart from the exceptional physical affinities between us and you, "images and likenesses," is that, in spite of the very useful extra functions of these five senses in us, "our race," many deeper than the men, when we do not need the others, we deactivate them in a volitional way. This is to simply use the conventional ones and consequently, relax extended areas of our complex neurological system, and thus we become freer the Spiritual impressions.


                                          Eighth part. (8th)

His recollections were so vivid and dense that he felt drowsy, but a soft voice kept his mind awake, and exclaimed blissfully:
-Necklia, what a happy surprise!
-Goodnight Sweetheart! Now have a rest of these memories and come with me, walk around.
-Around? Ah dear! What an immense desire to return to living fully the "around," where I joined you in our steps, united, our hands entwined, made me the happiest man who passed through the face of this world.
"Let us put aside this happiest man because he will live the opposite of the happy, when he remembers the action that made you" descend into the abyss. "
_Neckvizs lowered his head, sad and embarrassed. He has not yet revived this episode, but he knows that at no time had he left the interior of a Being who has committed the greatest of sins and consciously.
"Necklia is right. The realization of any act has irreversible consequences; we can never go back. Once they occur, under whatever circumstances their effects will be unavoidable.
Let us wander through the peaceful corners of our peaceful Oasis, and let things happen in their due time.
"Night is beautiful," says Necklia, looking at the magical bright spots in the sky. The mysteries of all natures surround us and call incessantly upon the hearts of men to contemplate them.
"You suggest emphasizing, and correlating these beautiful mysteries with the night, my dear, why?"
"Ah, Neckvizs!" How difficult it is to convey many of the things we feel or think, to someone who does not speak the same language as us. If I did not have control of my emotions as you would, I would live, as long as you did not return to the point where you stopped, as well as not rescue all your "heavy debt" with my soul torn by grief.
My king, my poor boy! I comfort myself in the certainty that the lesson was bitter, but the treatment by which it passes is just and effective; it will not leave you henceforth, to depart from me.
All that exists my beloved have infinite utilities. In addition to forming a whole, each part separately reveals many secrets, shows us a multitude of ways, just enough to be attentive.
The night symbolizes one of the greatest and fundamental of all mysteries. "The beginning of everything, before the Light". At this moment, and as long as we are together walking in it under this Exuberant Sky, it represents the enchantment of the love we feel for each other, fascinates us with the gifts of the lofty glimpses of worlds that hang over us. In the states of Alma that we live in now it is poetry, tenderness, love ... However; it can also play dark roles, such as the Black Night, experienced by your Spirit, in the longing to become my King again its fullness.
It symbolizes also, ignorance, the general sufferings ... In sum, they are innumerable their expressions, nevertheless, it is only the night!
So that there is not a single particle or event, in any recesses of the Universes, which is not clothed with singularities, of "Creation" Spells!
Pay attention to them dearly with the simple eyes, with the humility in the heart and you will realize that it is possible, although still without all its brilliance, to be involved in the Majestic Faces of God!
"May He forgive me, my dear, but at this moment you are my everything, my senses, the pulsars of my heart, the only love in my life!
"Not a single word of yours now uttered is excluded, in the sense of things pondered by your Necklia, love.
_They aim aimlessly Neckvizs and Necklia barefoot and holding hands. No matter the direction, where your steps lead you. Together and entwined their Souls rejoice as the flight of the free bird, the most sublime of the songs...
They came back when the first rays of the Sun announce the arrival of a new day.

"Brief love," said Necklia.


                                       Ninth part. (9th).

"Go back to the Neckvizs machine and put a stop to all this."
"He's in front of her again. Call her and wait.
Again appear words written on the screen and now different surprise:
"We know of your Neckvizs problem. Please continue to keep your cool. The longed for peace soon returns to your life.
Another succession of images is displayed to him with the total interaction between him and them.
He sees and lives a blond boy tending to the redhead, with blue eyes and little blond hair, with the golden strip to them fastening, tied to his forehead.
This track was given to him by his adoptive parents who chose him in an orphanage where he was left, and the directors of this shelter never discovered the or the authors of this action and, least of all because of her, since it was a beautiful and healthy baby.
They, their adoptive parents had already both, surpassed the forty-five years of age when adopted it.
It was a couple without children and very rich. They cared for him with extreme affection, giving him everything he needed, and as a boy he noticed, compared to the parents of schoolmates, for he had no others outside them, since his life was fully devoted to studies, which Nescklio and Nescklia, his parents, were completely different from all of them, for it could not be otherwise, since Nescklio and Nescklia were parents of Necklia and thus two of his brothers.
It grew robust, very beautiful, as well as extremely cultured and intelligent for its age. At the age of seventeen he went to college to take a course in History, then Anthropology and then Biology, without opting for graduate degrees in any of them. He started and continued until the middle of the Botany course, abandoning it, because he understood that he could extend it alone, since he felt bored of attending colleges.
At the age of thirty-eight, he had spent more than seven years with his academic studies, he spent in this period of time doing research related to the subjects he studied, including botany, which he did not reach other sciences as well. As comprehensive as possible.
At the end of these almost eight years, all of which were always close to the loving couple who created him, he had to dedicate all available time to them, since they mysteriously sickened both at the same time and with the same disease. Three months later, also mysteriously, they both die on the same day and hour, at ninety-three, leaving him completely alone in life, since they, without having ever understood, had no "relatives" at all. There were many questions of Neckvizs on this subject, but the reasons given him never satisfied and did not know what, but something had always been hidden by them. Shortly before he was thirty-eight years old, he decided to wander around the world in order to learn, to experience new things and, above all, to seek answers to questions that, in his opinion, would be the reason for his solitary existence. He traveled through various countries, some bizarre, and got involved in countless adventures in his uncontained pursuit of knowledge, in the widest possible way. From the icy regions the very hot, deserts, mountains, forests... He explored them exhaustively for almost four years in a row, which seemed to him more than ten, adding much knowledge to his considerable cultural collection, yet what he truly coveted to know was, in his eyes, becoming unreachable. Talking with a person in a certain country of the Asian continent, it had been suggested to visit a Temple that professes a religion known all over the world, and that it is situated in a certain and well-known place. Yes, well-known, but to the natives there, already to Neckvizs the obstacles of the dialect of that region, their culture and, a number of other details, made their attempt difficult. Too tired to walk for several hours and was inclined to give up, he "accidentally" encountered an old man and asked for information about the place he was looking for. This gentleman suggesting to know him, and speaking fluently in his language, said to him: "I know it, but it will be a waste of time to go there. What you are desperately looking for lies within yourself! “He invited him to follow him and enter his humble home. Inside it the person introduced himself, when the night arrived: -My name is Koujy...                                                   
At the end of all memories, Neckvizs feels an astonishing weight on her head, as if she were being swallowed by an intense whirlpool and runs wildly toward the beach. There it comes down fainting falling heavily on the sands.
During the long hours of unconsciousness they were temporarily erased from their memories, the many sad events they had experienced; be the dreamed, those experienced in the days to days, as well as those assisted in the screen of the singular compute.
Although it remains for some time forgotten of facts of inestimable importance, it will be retained in its spiritual memory, the acquired understanding that the "All" is not apparently a combination of incalculable disaggregated segments, but rather it is all these segments and the same form a single, "All Concrete and Indivisible, the Absolute." He is now also aware that Necklia and himself are one step away from "communion with the Whole," just as they are "in Him" ​​"many distant ages," Isasky and Koujy, and she knew this by saying that she had been revealed to someone the last words contained in the Sacred Book of his people. This one is She, Necklia, the Queen her eternal love, who in her humility said to be on the same "evolutionary level" of the brothers who are still united to them here, in this world.
It was terrible to forget "for a lesson," but he recalled that "symbolically" "forgetting," by the processes of Life, "focuses on all creatures in the act of their creations." God is not far from everything, God is Love and Love is the Supreme experience of the All.
They now reminded him of some events, which gave him moments of extreme happiness, and the feeling that the "Lost Knowledge, plus many others, now travels fully in its interior", however, at first you will feel intensely stunned, and everything will seem like a dream to you. The disturbing occurrences will resume in full, but in a soft way, since it now has the structure to support them with dignity, although the hard ones have decreed the fulfillment of their sentence. Neckvizs is definitely free.
He finds himself awakening in the thin, white, limpid sands of a beautiful beach, with the rising sun, the Sun of Life, warming his body and perceiving something tied around his neck. By placing your hand on him you feel that it is a cord.
"What is this place, and what am I doing here?"
_Paste of indescribable inner confusion. He remembers that he had a dream, where his beginning occurred when in search of a certain place met a character as the name of Koujy.
"My God, what a divine dream!" Exclaims. He represented everything I wanted most in this life. Why did I wake up? He preferred death a thousand times.
_ After pronouncing the word death he feels Life as he had never imagined before, when he saw Necklia, with tears weeping abundantly from his eyes and with open arms, saying:
"Come, my beloved King, come and rest your suffering Spirit at my side, in our Sacred Home.



                              Brief biography of the author.


Jaime D'Aquino has always lived in the state of Rio de Janeiro, his beloved homeland. He has no real or fictitious titles of doctor, philosopher, lecturer... Nothing that can induce his readers to see him as a figure he is not.
In the contexts of her works she simply exhibits what she has learned in the schools of life, in overcoming the obstacles it offers. In his view, nothing is more genuine than the fluidity of inner inspirations.
Through them he developed four books, all written at their right times. Many essays keep flowing and, in front of your computer, after methodical checks, turn them into texts of love, faith and hope.





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