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       THE MAGIC OF RENCOUNTER.                     
"The Magic of Rencounter". A novel that reveals how the lives of certain people are interconnected, more specifically in our history. How love has the power to transcend the destinies of couples, parents, children, and true siblings, in essence, by their various successions.


Are all feelings of man originate exclusively from material attributes? If so, what meaning would life have?
Someone truly believes deep down in his heart, without a doubt, that the feelings and emotions, especially the most intense and noble, the immense love for people, especially members of our families, are merely fruits. of neurobiological phenomena of brain activities?
Are our loves that are with us, and one day they must leave, just like all people, will they really be objects with validity times and at the end of them, forever discarded?
If this is true, what is the purpose of man living? Was it simply perpetuating their species and nothing more?
There is no material evidence that life goes beyond this physics, yet a keen observer would find, in the myriad and harrowing circumstances, through which millions and millions of people pass through the world, in the least traces that it existed before it, and thus Therefore, it is not inconsistent to admit that it continues to exist after that time.
Life undoubtedly shows us that all events are reactions of actions. Certain people are born suffering in anguish and often suffer for all their lives; how to situate in this, the actions that resulted in these reactions.
The Magic of Reunions, an exciting novel can bring, in the contexts of the topics covered, reflections on life, as broad as possible.

                         STRANGE DESTINY.                                

It may seem to many, in a cursory analysis, that inbred brothers loving each other from childhood are a sad and inconceivable anomaly, especially for followers of some religions. For those who believe in the possibility that our existence is not just this, and that our bodies are instruments of what we are in Spirit, will understand, who has an open mind to these possibilities, that seemingly atypical circumstances of life represent one of the many ways to redress past mistakes.
In "Strange Destiny," readers will surely remember cases that go beyond the love of true brothers and the immense difficulty of understanding why they happen.


Brotherly love is an unusual circumstance in life that can induce in those who know it, feelings of unbelief, something that most resembles an aberration. Although rare, they are events that do exist, and despite their equally rare credibility, they have their raison d'être.
In the narrative we propose; a pair of non-identical twins and a younger sister, formed by the forces of their strange destinies, form a triangle of relationships not compatible with those of siblings, children of the same father and mother.
Since childhood, they had shown adverse behaviors to family ties, leaving the mother of the three eccentric children over time, increasingly aware of their atypical ways of being.
What had been worrying for her gradually turned into anguish as the years passed.
He clearly realized from their teenage years that the twins are looking for each other just like two young lovers, and that the youngest, albeit to a lesser extent, love her brother as well.
They tried in every possible way, especially the first two, to conceal these feelings from their dear mother, who had long realized their natures and desperately sought understanding for the unusual bonds that bound them together. The unusual fact that afflicted her more and more became equally obvious to her father and family members.
It is a dramatic love story that involves parents, children, and friends in torturous and anomalous circumstances of life.

The third work, "The World We Live in", is a faithful portrait of what our country is, especially in the political context.

It is a literary genre I never imagined to write one day, but indignation at hypocrisy, the dominance of the strong over the weak, mainly because the latter, dominated by ignorance, naivete and, let's be fair, by accommodation, - only by a miracle. Will stop behaving like puppets someday, - led us to express what we feel and what many thousands of Brazilian brothers feel.


The graceful flag on a long flagpole where it was gently distended by the wind, in the early spring afternoon with the clear, brilliant sky in the center of a large square. It is bordered, near its contours, by trees that exhibit only at this time of year, intense green of their leaves, and two other species that produce, also in this same period, beautiful white and yellow flowers.
Sitting on one of the many benches in it, I feel on the one hand, enraptured by the extraordinary harmony between the leaves and flowers of the trees, the sky and the sumptuous flag, but on the other, very sad to not see and feel instead. Where then I find the same relationship of peace, order and harmony between the Nations where I was born and alive, and this little Oasis, part of it, which bears in its center the most elegantly fluttering Symbol. Brazilian flag, may one day His Majesty truly reflect the greatness of the country you represent!


There are many old and recent records and comments about the end of the world. Some of them, with high sensationalist content, led and continue to lead unwary people, some to panic and others to suicide.

Abundant decipherers of the much-feared end-time see them in calendars, numbers that “quite accurately” indicate the fateful event, in quotations from interpreted passages from holy books… Prophecies and more prophecies.
There have been, and continue to be, various ways of expressing such an occurrence that, with the increasingly sophisticated advent of communications vehicles, it is instilled in legions of people, not only to believe in these omens, but also to exacerbate existing fear, in so many others.
One more complicator takes constantly refining forms; the sensational special effects of the film industries that exploit the subject brilliantly and induce in some viewers mere distractions but in others even psychoses.
Fear exists in all human beings as a form of self-preservation, yet under certain conditions it goes beyond all expectations.
It is understandable that successive and terrifying events cause people not so far from widespread dangerous internal conflicts, especially at this time when the close connection between peoples, the denudation of what happens to each other, and simultaneously, occurrences can reach everyone in real time through the news.
It would be nice if we could see the issue from just one face: all of us, without exception, someday, oppressed by psychological or peace pressures, or in any other way, will leave this world. It's hard to know how or when, but the fact is, nothing will stop our departure from here.
Regardless of what has been discussed so far, it seems that in methodical global observations that we make the likelihood that chaos will overtake humanity, and all living beings in present times, is potentially real. It is enough that we reflect on the irresponsible behaviors of a significant number of men, especially those with very high powers.
They demonstrate by their flippant and often disastrous deeds that they insist on building a dark future without the slightest prospect of living in harmony with one another.
 The aggravating factors presented to us are unquestionable, two of which are untied: the uncontested demographic explosions, which raises social inequalities, violence, hunger and miseries of all kinds, and the worst of them; world leaders who want at any price to override the others, giving them the most diverse and unreasonable reasons.
The story we will present, though a fictional tale, leads us to deduce that "an end of time may not be as utopian" as some imagine it to be.
“Men have always been the way they are,” they might argue, and this counterpoint may not seem to contradict the realities of times past to the present, yet they have never existed in such large numbers and with the colossal power of self-destruction as they are today.
Coming the ominous tragedy, glimpse, as we illustrate in this work, the resumption in a Blissful World, reemerged tens of centuries after an inevitable chaos, where Peace and Fraternity among “a Chosen People” will be commonplace in the lives of all who they will dwell in it.


Laborious scientific research has led man until recently to believe that not only he, but also all plant and animal species had a common ancestor. From the complex methodologies they used, it led him to deduce that his conclusions are correct, although some scientists now dispute this concept on the basis of evidence that has emerged throughout further analysis.
The assumptions that practically culminated in this understanding, unfortunately, were almost always linked to material paradigms, and researchers rarely admit that extra factors may be driving, or always have led, the sets of elements that are part of their search for truth.
We are far from proposing any new concept or opposing what is known or not known about the subject, even though we are not scientists or something related, but free thinkers. Simply, in this condition, we have developed a fictional, perhaps not so fictional, narrative about the existence of a civilization from this very earth, which has lived on it for many millions of years, in spite of the fact that at present it has a very small number of members. In relation to their ancestors who were here in the splendid past times.
It may be enclosed in it and its history, marked by its trajectory through this world, to the understanding of facts that would make the truth seekers not only discover parts of It, but It as comprehensively as possible, if there is still time.
A legion of people around the world knows perfectly well that it is not simple to faithfully translate languages ​​into a specific language.
Some of them then are much more complex than others. Based on this I apologize to the readers of the English language for finding in our exhibitions, texts, paragraphs and even a whole chapter, somewhat confused as to their understandings, because we use in our works simply an Online translator, since we cannot afford to pay a professional trained to assist us in this task.
Grateful for everyone's understanding.

                                     Jaime D'Aquino.




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