Jaime D'Aquino, the writer.

                                                           Welcome dear visitors! 


             I am Jaime D'Aquino, a writer for almost two decades and a retired civil servant by the State of Rio de Janeiro, in the area of ​​Public Safety and welfare of Rio de Janeiro citizens.
My length of service was very short, only a few years old and dramatically shortened by a serious accident while performing my legal duties.
Despite more than two years of intense suffering, a single physical sequence was lost hearing in both ears, accentuated more in the right, or what left me unable to perform the functions I competed to perform, but is suitable for many others, outside from the sphere I was acting in, but the moral damages were irreparable.
I had plenty of reasons for humans with very rare exceptions. Also the fundamental role of family, wife and children, seen by parents, in my particular situation, are other important people.
It took many years of reflection to understand what happened as part of one of life's processes, and that we are all one way or another submitted to them. It also understands that different people, human beings, the purest expression of the term, exist and inspired by them, it is worth believing in life, worth or commitment that I have been devoting literature to see facts, the Sun of Life, despite gain nothing from it, without material meaning, yet substantially enriching or my inner self.
Everything that I have been through in this lifetime and still going through is illustrated, in a compact form, in the book I am finished, entitled: Helena; a tribute to my dear wife. Also in the last, closed a few months ago; The world where we live; I clearly demonstrate - which of course can be demonstrated - as is the universe where I live surrounded by my countrymen.
In this work I made an exception, I left aside for a few months, very sadly, the genre I love to write, novels interspersed with Spirituality and Fiction. It was a way of expressing what the good people of good character who have lived in this nation have been spending for decades; rich and, at the same time, very poor in many respects.
I now live intensely in my familiar world and that of LETTERS, the worlds that cherish me, drives me to continue, despite the great difficulties imposed by life.

I leave below, the visitors' appreciations, the covers of the books written by us, formatted as simply as possible, because they were made by ourselves, as well as all the diagramming revisions, finally, everything except in three books: The Magic of Rencounter, Strange Destiny and The World We Live In, the ISBN and cataloging card.


A legion of people around the world knows perfectly well that it is not simple to faithfully translate languages ​​into a specific language.
Some of them then are much more complex than others. Based on this I apologize to the readers of the English language for finding in our exhibitions, texts, paragraphs and even a whole chapter, somewhat confused as to their understandings, because we use in our works simply an Online translator, since we cannot afford to pay a professional trained to assist us in this task.

                         Grateful to all and, once again, welcome.
                                          Jaime D'Aquino.




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